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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants You to Stop Eating This Food

What food should you stop eating now?? Per Mr. DiCaprio, to help the planet—and your health—give up one dietary staple – meat. Do you think you can give up meat? Do you think you can limit your meat consumption?

Leonardo DiCaprio may be most famous for his film career, but off-screen, the star hasn’t been shy about sharing his other passion: environmentalism. While the actor has used his celebrity to encourage individuals to adopt solar power at home and drive electric cars in the past, his latest crusade hits a little closer to home. DiCaprio is now asking fans to help the planet—and their health—by giving up one dietary staple: meat.

On March 4, the actor (and Beyond Meat partner) posted a tweet imploring fans to consider limiting their meat consumption in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

This isn’t the first time Leo’s expressed his passion for plant-based foods, however. Read on to discover what Leo has revealed about his own diet in the past. And for more celebrity health transformations, James Corden Lost 16 Pounds in Less Than Two Months By Doing This.

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