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Let’s Politic Radio 11-1-18

Let’s Politic Radio is Ear Kandy Radio’s newest addition.    We deal with real issues, real life & real facts!  This is show is creative, yet informative and insightful.  You will hear different perspectives from different people & this is the overall conversation piece.

Let’s Politic Radio is a show on the rise and destined for the stars.  We believe in working with and for the community to inspire, enlighten & ultimately entertain our listeners.

We are looking to become a show which provides awareness to real life issues, to get real life results!  There’s no right or wrong answers, everybody thinks, feels & believes differently, now we have a place to talk about it.  So Let’s Politic!

Tune in every Friday from 5:00 – 7:00 PM ET on Earkandyradio.com/live-radio or call in to listen or comment 646-787-8528.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Politic Radio 11-1-18

  1. Hello I’m trying to get our community some knowledge about the federal system it’s an website that helps us try to change the laws it’s called famm it means family affected by mandatory minimum sentencing Im just trying to reach out and get everyone involved can you help me get this out please

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