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Let’s Talk About Back 2 Basics

Joining Let’s Talk with Char is Mr. Al Jones. The panel will be talking about Back 2 Basics. A topic that is well overdue for discussions.

About Al Jones

Resident of Akron, Ohio and entrepreneur in the marketing field who values the importance of entrepreneurship and encourages business growth in the community.  This seasoned marketing consultant offers out-of-the-box marketing and branding ideas to companies, and hosts networking events.  Al has composed an audio CD, titled ‘Marketing- The Missing Piece of the Puzzle,’ and is currently working on completing his first book.

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Do Parents of Today Delay Their Dreams So That Offspring Can Have Ones

 2017 Parenting and Family ties are nothing like it was from the 1950’s to now. Creating and passing down values and family jewels has become shelved. Has technology and social media over powered what was once a strong and productive foundation of bonding and supporting within families and communities?

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