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Let’s Talk About Char Johnson

Charniece LaVerne Johnson was born in Pittsburgh, PA in Allegheny County to unwed parents Tia Johnson and alleged father William Ballard.  After several moves bouncing around from city to city state to state which includes  Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri; Alton, IL became Char’s hometown city of residence.  Char became a foster child to Children and Family Services of Illinois around 8 years of age and spent majority of her childhood in and out of the system.  Even though early years of tragedy, childhood ridicule, and disappointment, Char managed to tap into talents and happiness beyond her imagination.

Talent of management and leadership development flourished in 1998 when Char recognized and embraced her rare and unique abilities of being a trend setter and adventurer after being promoted within two years of employment from Call Center Representative to a Call Center Trainer where management recognized drive of vision and promoted her as Call Center Supervisor and shortly after merging with Microsoft to becoming a hub for registering business consultants for Microsoft Software Training Seminars, she became Technology Strategies of Twinsburg, OH Call Center Development Manager.  A career oriented 9 to 5 working for someone else wasn’t rewarding nor final career destination. Even though Char gave more than a 100% of dedication to each and every employment opportunity, there was a fulfillment not being met.  While attending Regency Beauty Institute opportunity of exploring another avenue peeked her interest. Char was smitten with the talent of  India Little (Tariana Love) and offered to assist with pursuing her singing career. Not having any previous experience as Artist Management, Char was more than ecstatic to take on this challenge. As of today, industry relationships and networking tools  have been established  with assisting various unsigned artist in the Akron, OH Community. Char’s Personal Touch Management LLC was established in August of 2015. www.cptmange.com

Char is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Manager, and Independent Contractor with over 20 years of experience. Taking the trade at Alton Sr High in Alton, IL in 1987 was her first attempt in pursing the profession. Unfortunately there was a set back because of her not graduating or finishing the program. This obstacle did not discourage her from becoming a cosmetologist. In 1999, another attempt at Alvaretta’s Beauty College in Cuyahoga, Falls, OH didn’t happen, but reputation and skills of talent was established. October 2010 is when Char became licensed in the State of Ohio, acquired Managers and Independent Contractors License in 2014. Today Char has her own business and is building a brand that showcases her passion and talent within the beauty and fashion industry.  Char also has Business Management Degree, Office Management Diploma, Certified Nursing Assistant Diploma, General Education Diploma, Certified First Responder Certificate, and an abundance of Certifications in Consumer Training.

Char is currently an Administrative Assistant to BMe Community of Akron Manager Aaron Epps, Back to Basics Motivator Workshop Coordinatior at Copley Road Community Center in Akron, OH, Rewine Podcast Host (Akron Community Voice on podbean.com), Girl Talk Podcast Host (Akron Community Voice on podbean.com), Let’s Talk Char Radio Personality (Ear Kandy Radio on earkandyradio.com), Media Interviewer (Akron Hip Hop on akronhiphop.com), and BMe Spotlight Personality (Center Talk on WAKR Radio Station Akron, OH).



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