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Let’s Talk About Char’s X-Mess

 “Ho Ho Ho Oooo No No”

It’s That’s Time of Year………When everyone wants to show how much they really care about you.  For instance when your name is picked by an individual from the secrete Santa draw that hasn’t the slightest idea of what you’re about and  give you your gift that truthfully expresses his/her inner most feelings about you………..What is your expression? Do you really want to give them a piece of your mind? Are your thoughts ‘Wow I didn’t know he/she thought this way about me’. The ultimate is when a family member gives you a gift and swears you are the favorite and/or states they thought of you when they bought the particular item.

Why is it; one goes over and beyond on a particular day of the year to confess his/her love and/or hate. Before you begin to stress yourself and/or disappoint others concerning these one day events and traditions that are designed to deceive and control ones mind, body, and soul…….here are a few fruit cake for thought according to LET’S TALK CHAR:

Gifts are temporary emotions of acceptance. Give gifts ‘just because’. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Many say jewelry and/or expensive items are acceptable trinkets that shows how much someone loves you. Miss me with that one. These physical shinny earthly things can not give you life. It’s another bill and asset to protect that cost money to do so.

If it takes individuals a numerous of lies, traditions, trinkets, and scams in order to get every creature of mankind to have an inkling of compassion and respect for one another………..THEN SO BE IT………..


“Ho Ho Ho Oooo No No”



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