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Media Personality to watch and know is Tara Moore an Akron, Ohio native Born in 1972 to Barbara R. Moore and Joseph L. Keaton. She is the next rising star from the infamous 330 area code. Victory and triumph is one in the same as we highlight into the journey of her success.

Unfortunate family circumstances landed Tara to become a common statistic individual of  Children Family Services at the age 15. Her dreams and aspiration were to become the next Stephanie Mills ( childhood idle) was soon appear to be wishful thoughts. Even though the visions of selling out stadiums around the world that would allow living a fabulous lifestyle and support all she adored and loved would soon come to just that….. A Dream, but Tara desires was still having a career of being apart of the media industry. Motherhood came early for Tara while attending  high school, dreams of becoming a Pop star was no more. The best mother and role model became her reality. Tara became a mother of three and never married.

Tara struggled and faced various challenges while attending high school in which she never imagined the possibilities of graduating.  Passion and love for singing , sports and journalism along with the encouragement from mentors and research she decided to enroll in media school. Radio Personality was the career path and route to pursue.  Tara was accepted into Ohio Center for Broadcasting located in Independence Ohio in 2010. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer months before graduating with her 2011 class the excitement of accomplishing an unimaginable goal appeared to be in jeopardy.  After several surgeries, radiation treatments, spiritual believes without giving up, she graduated with 2011 classmates. Tara enrolled into Stark State college in 2012.  Studies of Communication, Journalism, Video and Audio editing can now be added to list of credentials and as of  the Fall 2018 as she receives Associate Degree in Liberal Arts.

Landing a media personality position in Charloette, NC, you can Listen to Savvy Sistah’s Show: ‘Touch Me Not’ Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on WDRB FM



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