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Let’s Talk About Gossip

Facebook Post by Tyronna Young

Entrepreneur/Lounge 77 Owner

Revised by Char Johnson

Looking Into The Mirror of Truth


It is we who are not supportive of one another. Our community claim and scream from the mountain top “We are Kings and Queens” but through gossip, we truthfully do not hold each other to this standard as our actions and words spoken towards one another display distrustful of self with discord and conflict rampant within all of our Organizations and Community.


We allow envy and jealousy to dominate our relationships with one another. It’s starting to be normal conversation to criticize and condemn every entity of character when it relates to “Black is Beautiful”. Black-owned and Black-operated business are even degraded and targeted. It is We who refuse to pool our resources to address our needs. Why is it we fail to truly analyze and follow the successful models of effective strategies that other ethnic and religious groups utilize in order to benefit and grow their community?


Black men and woman are appearing to be the only species of the human race that deliberately walk past the place of business or even give bad reviews on one of his/her kind to patronize and give ultimate praise to many consider the enemy. In order to achieve success, we must  confront and overcome these self-destructive behaviors. Negative word of mouth hurts and destroys.




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