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Let’s Talk About Sexism

September 19, 2017 

Is race a more motivating factor than gender?

“The more successful a man becomes the more likable he is. The more successful a woman becomes the less likable she is.” (Hiliary Clinton)

Co-Hosting with Char is Elder Denny Wilson Founder, President/C.E.O. F I Community Housing, Inc. Vice-President Ohio Recovery Housing, Inc.

F I Community Housing is Ohio’s #1 Leader in providing Recover Housing & Supportive Services. A Faith-Based, Peer Operated/Oriented Program of Recovery. The overview of this organization believes that substance use, abuse, and ALL forms of addiction, are a progressive fatal illness that is not only treatable, but curable.


“Mr. Brown has been drinking with Ms. Paula for several years. Both fighting, arguing, and causing all types of drama. Family, friends, and foes had written them off. Rehab did wonders. Recovery and re-entry into working class and what deems to be acceptable to society did not treat Mr. Brown and Ms. Paula the same.”

Why do you think Mr. Brown and Ms. Paula was not treated and/or accepted by society with equal respect and opportunity?

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