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Let’s Talk Char About Cheating


Why did he cheat on me? I’m a good woman.

I gave her the world. How could she step out on me?

The Cheating Woman

Karen met Kevin through social media. After exchanging numbers and having countless phone conversations, the personal encounter begins. Plays and concerts became the norm. Having a companion to share public appearances and social acceptance is fulfilling, but behind closed doors is, it’s total chaos.

Two years into dating Kevin, Karen meets Larry at a networking event while Kevin is out of town on one of many business excursions. Larry seems to have it all together. Home is always tidy and comfortable. He doesn’t ask if she can make sure his bills are paid on time. The refrigerator is always full. What she ignores is his lustful tendencies for woman.

Karen is still dating Kevin, but when he is out of town she is with Larry. Is Karen cheating on Kevin? Why do you think she is cheating? If you don’t believe she is cheating, why isn’t she cheating. 

The Cheating Man.

Kevin works for an organization which has him traveling 3 to 4 days out of the week. He doesn’t have the support or ability to keep a tidy living atmosphere such as: cleaning kitchen and bathroom on a regular, grocery and/or household shopping, and he isn’t fluent with keeping up with his bills even though his finances are more than capable of accommodating his life style.

While Kevin is out of town he has become dependent on Karen handling is personal business and enjoys her presence in his personal space, but he can not ignore the aroma of distance from her. She has become unavailable at crucial times for him and she hasn’t planned any activities as of late for them to spend quality time together. Pamela  an associate who often travels with him on business, is now becoming the companion whom Karen once was.

Kevin is looking at Pamela as a more suitable companion. Is Kevin cheating on Karen? Why do you think he is ready to trade Karen in for Pamela? If you don’t believe he is cheating, why isn’t he cheating. 

Why do you believe they are having this chaos at this stage of dating?


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