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Let’s Talk Char About Cuffing vs Dating

We Started hanging out and a magnetic vibe of intimacy kicked in, now I want to date.

Many relationships start out as cuffing, a term #CharTalk use to identify showing interest in the opposite sex with the intentions of a possibility of this individual becoming a candidate for dating with the outcome of a long term relationship.

At some point in a girls life the thought of the prince riding up on the white hoarse fantasy comes into to play of how a romantic relationship comes about and then reality of how it plays out sinks in. The 20th Century dating stipulations has evolved. Social Soulmate Searching has appeared to become the norm. One does not truly grasp the difference between cuffing and dating.

Cuffing Season is in FULL EFFECT, Be Aware! Now is the time to re-evaluate who you are with, why you are with this individual, and where is things going.  


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