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Let’s Talk Char About Love Thyself


You are ONE of a kind. There’s only ONE of you!

Don’t dummy down who you are to try to fit in or please others – it’s easy to slip into negative self-talk because you aren’t being you. 

Do Not Let Go of Who YOU ARE! 


  1. Be true to YOU. There’s only ONE of you – be your BEST whether others agree with what works for you and LOVE your glorious self.
  2. Free and exterminate the perfection bug. Don’t strive for something or someone that’s not realistic to you. Others can not determine the path of enjoyment for you. If you allow others to encourage your vision to be unrealistic, you open the door for negative self-talk. You are YOU and you are enough – right now, just the way you are.
  3. Change negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Negative vibes and non supporters can pop up in your decision making. Question them. Decide if it’s reality or made up to you. Rephrase your negative voices until positive reflection reveals what make sense and works in your favor.
  4. Forgive yourself. There are experiences you will encounter that doesn’t make you super proud. These are journeys of amazement and your learning as you travel your life path. Accept, Own, and Embrace all parts of yourself, move forward with new knowledge, and compassion for YOU.
  5. Do something – just for YOU. It’s great when you do stuff for others BUT it’s even GREATER when you do something just for YOU –  you’re the ONLY one who truly benefits.

Embrace the BEST you and LOVE your glorious self!!!!!!!!


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