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Lil Boosie Blames Juice Wrld’s Death On The Pilot

Successful rapper Lil boosie previously did an interview with Vladtv he blames the pilot for Juice Wrld’s death. After watching this video thinking about the situation it does add up because why would he take all those pills for no reason ? The pilot had to be involved because what made the feds want to search the plane? I am convinced the Pilot was snitching on Juice and his crew about the drugs on board of the plane. Juice Wrld allegedly swallowed a lot of pills , also he had seizures at the airport after swallowing the pills which led to his unexpected death.

Juice Wrld

It’s really crazy that people don’t know how to do their job and mind their business. Then it’s not like this is a regular airplane it was his own airplane. Smh that’s some dirty shit I don’t respect snitching. People will do anything to get rid of what they got when the police is involved. Boosie angrily expressed how he would beat the pilots ass I feel him tho somebody need to do it ! Rip Juice Wrld he was only 21 years old and very talented young man. I know his family, friends & fans are mourning prayers to them all. Click the link below to watch this interview with Boosie 

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