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Lil Kim Pulling Insurance Scams??

My girl Lil Kim has recently been accused of pulling an insurance scam & not paying the doctor who performed work on her.

First of all, they got my girl Lil Kim messed up… okay?!

Allegedly, Dr. Gregory Lovallo (a New Jersey urologist) claims rapper Lil Kim scammed the insurance company, cashed in on the money and then did not pay him for the services he rendered.

Now, Dr. Lovallo would not go into detail regarding exactly HOW Lil Kim scammed the insurance company, but he did file a lawsuit, claiming she was “unjustly enriched” (whatever that means). Hmmmm… Interesting right?!

Lil Kim hasn’t responded to the allegations yet, she’s too busy queenin!

Here’s my thing, IF (and that’s a big IF) there was an insurance scam done by Lil Kim, in my opinion, the doctor knew exactly what was going on. You can’t be involved in the scheme, then call the police when it doesn’t work out in your favor… That’s what I call dry snitching!

We ain’t going for it Lil Kim! Get him outta here.

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