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Lil Pump and J.Cole squash the beef! But why were they beefing?

So back in April new up and coming rapper Lil Pump started a beef with Hip hop heavyweight J. Cole.

The youngster attempted to diss the lyricist J. Cole in what wasn’t even an actual song. I mean I don’t think it was even long enough to be considered a skit, being only 30 seconds and only have 3 lines… BUT the song is hyply titled “F*** J. Cole”.

And in this song Pump repeats fuck J. Cole a total of eight times. Then he calls him a “ bitch ass nigga” a “ugly ass nigga” ending the song with and I quote “I ain’t ever fucked with J. Cole fuck that pussy ass nigga!”

Cole world couldn’t let that go down without a quick quip. So J responded (which honestly if you ask me was not necessary) with his exiting track titled “1985 intro to the fall off”. Where he absolutely rips all of the new age popcorn rappers to shreds! He began by lecturing a younger rapper about the impact his music maybe having on his impressionable fans.

Now initially his description of his young antagonist fits almost every “lil” rapper that has popped up on the scene from Lil Uzi Vert to Lil Zan. Cole describes his target as “Tatted from your face to your heels” which literally is everyone in that popcorn category! Our cue that he was talking about Lil Pump was when he said “ I heard one of em’ diss me, I’m surprised”

No one expected what happened next, mainly because it doesn’t normally happen in today’s age. These two men ( well one man and a boy… but I digress) sat down and had a grown up conversation about how to move forward and be respectful to one another without being friends. Yes you can be cordial without being besties! And now the beef is over although it may not be as marketing friendly it was a pleasant change from what normally comes with rap beef.

I salute you J. Cole and Lil Pump for being very adult in a world of grown ass kids!


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