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LisaRaye Wants An Entanglement With Will Smith

LisaRaye McCoy, 51, recently appeared on an episode of Garcelle Beauvais podcast “Going to Bed,” where they discussed sex in relationships. When LisaRaye was asked what type of partner she wanted in life, her response shook up the set.

“Oh, I can tell you right now. WILL SMITH!”

When they told her she couldn’t pick Will Smith because he is married… she said “We can have an entanglement.” She later elaborated on her statement and said she is searching for somebody like Will Smith.

If you guys remember just a few weeks ago, LisaRaye was speaking on the Jada & August situation saying how their relationship was “inappropriate” and how Jada took advantage of August, being 21 years older than him.

Is LisaRaye shooting her shot? & Do you guys think Will Smith would be wrong if he got into a little entanglement himself? Does Jada have the right to be mad at LisaRaye for her comments? Let’s talk about it.

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