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Little Girl “Checks” Another Little Girl About “HER MAN”

I don’t have too many details about this situation, but I have a ton of questions! This little girl “checks” another young girl about her hitting her man.

  • How old are these kids?
  • Who did she see acting this reckless over a man?
  • How old are these girls again?
  • What school do they attend?
  • Where’s the teacher?

This video really bothered me because kids this young have no reason to be fighting and/or arguing over a boy! They are too young to even have a little boyfriend! I really hope her parents see this video and school her on how a young lady should be acting.

Image result for no bullying

This is bullying at its finest. People please teach your kids not to go around bullying on other kids or other people in general. Kids are really committing suicide over being bullied. The other little girl handled herself with polish and class, and I commend her for not jumping out of her character and fighting over a boy! #GirlPower

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