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“Looks Like It’s Going To Be A Closed Casket Homie” Says Police After Killing Black Man

The Indianapolis Police are under fire for saying some rather cruel and insensitive comments after shooting and killing a 21 year old black man.

Dreasjon Reed was streaming live on Facebook while he was being pursued by the police after he was allegedly driving recklessly and hit several cars (according to the police). He stopped the car and got out and started running, while he had thousands of viewers tuned in live.

Based on the video footage, it looks like Reed was first hit with the taser and fell to the ground, then he was shot and killed. I am not sure how many times the bullets actually hit him, but I heard at least 14 gun shots. Take a look at the video below.

My question is, why did they choose to kill him if he was already down after he was hit with the taser?? Why is it okay to kill a black man because he was running from the police? No, I am not saying he was doing the right thing by taking the police on a high speed chase or running from them on foot, but why choose death when his life could have been preserved.

RIP to Dreasjon Reed and I truly hope justice is served.

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8 thoughts on ““Looks Like It’s Going To Be A Closed Casket Homie” Says Police After Killing Black Man

  1. This is horrendous abuse of power and MURDER . The man wasn’t armed.


  2. According to police he had robbed a gun store in Texas and stole a gun they say they found a gun at the scene that was the same gun he stole from that store and the same gun he posted on his social media, they say he shot first but based on the video I don’t hear shots from anyone but the cop. Reguardless it’s sad that someone had to lose their life. I live in Indianapolis, there seem to be so many police involved shootings recently.

  3. I’m a white woman and I seriously think that there is an abuse of power by police with people of color in general! Had this been a WHITE person they more often than not would of got a slap on the hand and let go! Bet on that shit…

    1. I am not one that will take up for cops straight up but there are a shit load of them that are kinda cool if you get to know them but still the several that r ass holes but in this case you can clearly hear the cops talking and say well that just goes to show you that you can still shoot or pull a gun through being tased and that was said BEFORE the cops even knew that he was on Facebook live so y would they have said that if it wasn’t nobody else around to try and lie to. It was the truth

  4. The videos are never adhered to when it pertains those that supposedly serve and protect even when it’s cut n dry the time hard been so ripe for us to unite and eliminate these injustices especially when they show sheer disrespect for our lives laughing cause it’s entertaining to those with degenerate minds and it shall continue until we truly show that we’re fed up only then will it cease!

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