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Lordy LORDY… Look Who’s 40!!! #BEYONCE

I was a little shocked to hear about Queen Bey!  I guess in the music industry, younger is better and more fresh, maybe sells more records…  I’m not sure.  But I feel so cheated and lied to.  It’s like these stars and celebrities do so much to “trick” us and make us think they are so perfect.  Lies, Lies, LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!  but regardless, she is still Queen Bey and her Net Worth is about 450 million!  

The Wall Street Journal inadvertently confirmed rumors that pop singer Beyonce, born Beyonce Gisselle Knowles, is 40 years old.

In an article about superstars over age 40 with the highest record sales in the last 26 years, Beyonce’s name was intentionally omitted as being under 40. A glaring confirmation that Beyonce — who’s stated age is 36 — is actually 40 years old.

The Wall Street Journal wrote:

“Of the 25 artists with the highest record sales in the U.S. since 1991, when reliable data first became available, just one — Britney Spears — is under 40, Nielsen data show. Nineteen of the 25 are over 50 years old.”

For years rumors swirled that the “Lemonade” singer was older than her stated age.

Record labels have a longstanding tradition of shaving years (even a decade) off a star’s age to make that star appeal to younger audiences.

The late Michael Jackson, then lead singer of the Jackson 5, gave his age as 14 for three straight years until a music magazine reporter revealed his actual age was 17.


for more info… http://sandrarose.com/2017/03/open-post-the-wall-street-journal-confirms-beyonce-is-40/

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