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Los Angeles Doctor Offers Cosmetic Surgery To Make You Almost 6-Feet Taller

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller… you know they lyrics, but your wish may have just come true. You can now “get taller” with a new height lengthening procedure.

Dr. Shahab Mahboubain, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, offers this state of the art procedure and according to the videos and reviews, it is safe, effective and costs a pretty penny.

The procedure consists of them inserting a precice nail inside your bone, they use a compass to find the nail and a device is used to stimulate growth. After about a year, the nail is removed through the same incision.

The doctor claims most of his patients walk on their legs immediately after the limb lengthening procedure, although you must refrain from running and jumping for about 8-12 months after the surgery. Once the nail is removed, your bone will actually be stronger than it was prior to the initial surgery.

As mentioned above, the surgery is pretty costly. Roughly $75,000 to gain only 3+ inches and $155,000 for the maximum gain of 5+ inches.

A lot of men are wondering why this surgery wasn’t around years ago, but I don’t think many of them would actually be able to afford it anyway. For more info on limb lengthening and the other services offered by Dr. Mahboubail, please check out his Instagram page @heightlengthening.

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