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Love or Hate-The Virtual School experience

Many teachers, students and parents are unhappy with the home school process. Parents are stressed. Children need to adapt to learning at home. Teachers have to deal with technical difficulties. Parents have to worry about if the mic is muted or not. Teachers are hearing more than they bargained for from some of these parents.

A few down sides to the new Virtual Learning are below. Do you agree with them or do you feel like home school is best?

  • The attendance has dropped – An estimate of 13 out of 20 kids and sometimes less.
  • Class being interrupted by other siblings.
  • Kids outside playing basketball
  • Kids being told to do other chores while the teacher is speaking
  • Background noise from the household
  • Computers dropping connection
  • Slow internet
  • Students taking themselves off mute
  • Students sharing their screen instead of the teachers screen.

Please share some of your virtual learning experiences. We want to hear from students, parents and teachers.

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