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Rules of Engagement: Read the definitions, Read the short story, Choose the Word that best describes the Story, and Answer the Questions.


LOVE: Is not found. It’s Built upon trials, tribulations, and sacrifice while building a concrete foundation one day, one kiss, and one conversation at a time.

SEX: Temporary satisfaction of self serving lust and quick fix of one’s self serving pleasures.

INTIMACY: Revealing your fears, sharing your dreams, being vulnerable for your him/her, attention given when 10 other people asking for it, he/she in the back of your mind no matter how distracted you are, his/her touch is the most soothing feeling ever, and there isn’t a situation or problem that occurs that will wedge the bond.

Is It Really Love?

Lynn is sitting on the bench at the Mini Park hearing  cars pass by as she stare into the atmosphere of sunshine. Thoughts of disbelief and anguish hover over her soul as she revisits the occurence of events less than 48 hours of time concerning the shattering and embarrassment of being the talk of the town about being left at the alter.

Six months ago Lynn met Jarvis at a Business Network event. He was the sexist male that had ever caught her attention. Her usual approach to dating a male involves his wallet and the beef cake. Relationships was out of the question. Lynn is a well known mover and shaker in the male dominate business branding and building community. Dating within this circle was most defiantly not an option, but this tall dark walking piece of chocolate was an untouchable pleasure that she could not resist. Intellectual conversation, great sex, and retirement goals set up and put into place, what more can a woman ask for. It seemed only logical to accept his proposal in front of family, colleagues, and well respected associates at Lynn’s Award Ceremony. Investment of time and money would only lead to a union that will never happen.

Question 1: What definition best describes the series of events that leads up to Lynn accepting Jarvis’s proposal?

Question 2: Why do you think Jarvis left Lynn at the alter and the union will never happen?

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