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Malls to reopen across US as some state lockdowns lifted

All true shoppers have been waiting for this. The malls are finally opening back up. A few openings listed below. Enjoy!

Across the United States, 34 states have either loosened restrictions or announced plans to do so amid the coronavirus pandemic. Dozens of malls are expected to open this weekend, with many offering hand sanitizer and face masks as well as implementing increased social distancing guidelines. NBC’s Blayne Alexander reports for Weekend TODAY.

This is a happy beginning to get to the start of the end of this pandemic.

Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama are 3 of the states that opened malls this weekend along with Simon Property group also opening 49 malls in 10 states. Simon malls will offer mask and sanitizer upon entry.

This is a slow process. Other states like Ohio and Indiana are protesting to end the order. We need to be patient and stay healthy. We have people risking health just to open a store that is not essential.

For those malls that are open, be safe!

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