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dr sebi

Dr. Sebi is a Honduras native who immigrated to the United States.  He was a true healthcare reformer, who stood up against the American Medical Association in court, the list of diseases he can cure stretches to some of the most unsettling conditions people face today including: bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, Mesothelioma, acid reflux and drug addiction.  Dr. Sebi is a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist who teaches people who to take care of themselves… regardless of what illness, disease or sickness they may be facing.

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In 1988, he took on the Attorney General of New York in a Supreme Court trial where he was being sued for false advertisement and practice without a license after placing ads in a number of newspapers, including the New York Post where he had announced:

“Aids has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer and others.”

During pre-trial, the judge had asked Dr. Sebi to provide one witness per disease he claimed to cure however when  77  in person witnesses joined him in court, the judge had no choice but to proclaim the Doctor NOT GUILTY on all accounts, proving he did in fact have the cure to all the diseases mentioned in the newspapers.

Many celebrities have talked with him and sought after his help.  Left Eye was one of the celebrities who he treated.  She claimed that he helped to heal her and she was going to come back and tell everybody about the miracle he performed in her life.  She died shortly after that.  Many people believe she may have been killed because of her knowledge about the healing powers.  If people did things like seek natural and herbal healing, it would really hit the pharmaceutical companies in their pockets.

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Here’s a full video on Dr. Sebi’s teaching/healing power.

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