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Man is Suing His Mother For Breastfeeding Him Until He Was 12!

Dyersburg, TN – Robert Miller (37 years old) filed a lawsuit against his mother Dorothy Jensen Miller, who is 69 years old. Robert claims his mother breastfed him until he was 12 years old, and in addition, she was overly protective.

Robert believes his life was destroyed because of his mother! He claims that his mother’s overly protective behavior during his childhood and the fact that she breastfed him until age 12 has permanently affected his ability to develop relationships with women. He is seeking $350,000 ($250,000 of compensation for the “psychological trauma” he has suffered and is also asking for $100,000 of punitive damage).

Robert’s attorney, Thomas McHenry states “My client’s mother dressed him up as a girl until he was five years old and breastfed him until he was twelve. These disturbing behaviors have profoundly traumatized him, and have already cost him more than $120,000 in therapy. Mr. Miller is 37 years old and he’s still a virgin. He’s never been able to build relationships with any woman other than his mother.”

When reporters reached out to his mother, Jenson Miller who is now 69 years old, she admits that she was overprotective, but she never did it to intentionally harm her son. Legal experts are divided in their analysis of the case. Most admit that the mother’s behavior as “clearly caused the victim some psychological and relational problems”, there is no sign of “intentional mistreatment” on her part.

The trial is set to start in December. Ear Kandy Radio will be sure to keep you guys updated on what happens. What are your thoughts? Was his mother sick for breastfeeding him so long, or do you think it was healthy? Is he justified in suing his mother? Please weigh in the comments below.

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