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Man Killed By Police in Akron After Murdering His Wife

Yesterday August 11, 2018 around 3:30 am in the Akron/Kenmore area (1300 block of Carey Ave), a man was shot and killed by the Akron Police after receiving a call that he killed his wife.  A woman called the police telling them that her brother-in-law woke her up and told her that he just shot his wife in the basement.  There were other family members in the house as well but they all fled the scene to a neighbor’s house to call the police.  The man threatened to shoot himself if anybody came near him.  The woman who called the police said that her brother-in-law is bipolar.

When the police showed up along with the SWAT team, they surrounded the house and found the 45 year old woman dead from a gunshot wound in a camper that was located outside the home.  The man was no longer at the house, so the police began to search the neighborhood, and here are the series of events that took place leading up to his death.

  • Around 6:00 am he forced his was through a neighbor’s enclosed porch on Fawler Ave. but he ran once they called police.
  • He then flagged down a guy who was dropping somebody off on Swinehart Ave. and asked the man for a ride to the gas station on Wooster Ave.
  • Once he was at the gas station he pulled out a gun and got into his wife’s car & sped off.
  • Went to his brother’s house on McIntosh Ave.  A man who lived there called the police and said the suspect had a gun to his head, but again he left the scene before the police arrived.
  • He broke into somebody’s house on Kohler Ave but a man who lived there chased him out of the house with a shotgun.
  • The police were outside of the home when the man came outside with a handgun still in his hand and when he saw the officers, he ran.
  • The police opened fire & killed him on Kohler Ave and 25th St. SW.

The officers who fired the shots killing the suspect are a 15 year & 2 year police veteran and they are both on paid leave while the investigation is being conducted.  This is the 2nd police officer involved shooting in 24 hours.

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