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Man Leaves Woman For Side Chick After She Recovers From Cancer

Somebody sent me this touching story, so I thought I should share it with my friends.  Please ready the story and blog with me below.


Detria Strong

I’m tired. I’m tired of pretending everything’s okay . I’m tired of making excuses every time someone asks me where my husband is when things go wrong. I’m tired of living in shame when I have no reason to be ashamed. So I’m going to put it all out there. Once and for all.

LATRELL IS GONE. He has been living in canton with his girlfriend Courtney Deeb since he moved out of our home and into hers. Unbeknown to me he was having an affair with her for 2 years. TWO YEARS Y’ALL! The same woman that befriended me and talked to me for hours on the phone. The same woman who made me chemo baskets and took me out for dinner during my treatment. The same woman who offered to wrap my Christmas presents when I was tired from chemo. The same man who told me no matter what I lost during treatment I would not lose my husband. The same man I devoted my whole life to.

I’ll admit it. I was stupid. I trusted this man with my whole heart. I wanted to be the type of wife that gave her husband freedom. I wanted to be the type of woman who trusted her friends around her man and wasn’t jealous. There were red flags when it came to her and I ignored them. I just wanted to be healthy. I just wanted to be happy. I found out because he butt dialed me while out at the bar with her. Upset from the call and what I heard, I called her and she actually consoled  me and pretended to help me figure out who he was talking to knowing good and well it was her. In the first few days he moved out when I thought he was staying with family, this woman was talking to me on the phone everyday knowing she had moved my husband in her home and was sitting right beside him.

Since living together, these two have done nothing but try to make things hard for me at every turn. Knowing that I was still recovering and had no way to maintain the household he refused to help us with anything and felt he “isn’t obligated because he doesn’t live there”. She threatened to shoot me if I came to retrieve my kids from my home even though she tries to come to my home with Latrell every chance she gets. Once he was served with child support he began helping and cried and begged me to cancel it so he “wouldn’t be in the system”. Stupidly, I did, because I cared about him. Once I did he began holding it over my head and threating to not help if I don’t do what he wants. He knows I have no family here but his, but still tells me I have to figure out things on my own. My car caught fire last week and is undrivable from water damage from the fire truck. This man wouldn’t even take his kids to school (they attend in another  district) and would rather them sit home. The 2 days out of 7 that he took them, he texted me afterwards and told me that I had to find my own way to get them home.   I do not know this man anymore. This  man is cold, cruel, and uncaring.  This man refuses to help me and tries threating me whenever he gets an inkling that I may be moving on from him and the destruction he caused. He has done nothing but disrespect me and our children. Last week he even went as far as to bring her to my home to have her taunt me in my driveway. It’s by the grace of God I’m not in jail…

I gave this man 12 years of my life, 3 babies. My whole heart, loyalty and devotion. I held him down when he had nothing. Took care of the both of us. Drove him 8 hours away while 7 months pregnant so he could get his life right and turn himself in. Was his personal taxi for almost 2 years so he didn’t have to risk driving while getting his licence.  Left my home and everything I know to move to Ohio so he could be happy.  Maintained my job  as his “perfect housewife” cooking, cleaning, and doing his laundry and everything else while fighting for my life during treatment. How he chose to repay me was to  destroy our family and leave us high and dry to go take care of his girlfriend, her son after all he knows I’ve been through. I have disconnection notices  piling up and he refuses to help. But he can help his girlfriend and her son and keep up her adderall addiction.  He is no longer the man I married.

Now I’m not saying I was the perfect wife. Of course I have my flaws.  but I know I was a damn good wife and I did not deserve one ounce of this.   He didn’t deserve my unconditional love. He didn’t deserve my loyalty. I won’t ever be that dumb and naive again. I will move on. I will be the best mother I can be. I WILL BE OK EVENTUALLY. As for those two,  I hope they live out the lives that they deserve



This is a friend of mine that I graduated high school with. No one should ever have to go through something like this because of someone else’s selfish feelings. The reason I created this GoFundMe account for her is because she has been left with 3 children to care for on her own. The end game will always be them. They are the ones who will inevitably pay the biggest price for all of this. Imagine if this was your daughter, your sister, your own mother. What kind of a heart does someone have to have to do this to a woman who has gone through all this and done so much for you and your family? I cannot wrap my brain around what you have to tell yourself to justify it all and sleep well at night. I feel very deeply for Detria because she’s the woman in us all. How incredibly strong must she be? How long do you think someone can be that strong? I know that unfortunately today this is a very common happen stance and that this may not seem like a need for money, so even if you cannot donate even $5, pray for Detria and her children.

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