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Man moves out of home after secret room contains this.

An Innocent Home Renovation That Resulted In Police At Their Doorstep. You wont believe what this couple found in their basement. Story and pictures below reveal an interesting find.

Stuck In The Ceiling

In between the subfloor and the ceiling they found something to stuff in between. As he looked more closely he saw that the object was fitted perfectly in between both stocks of wood. He used his strength and grabbed the object down.

Mysterious Suitcase

After the walls began to break down he started to break the ceiling down as well. Suddenly, he found something that grabbed his attention. He found something that was strange, and then realized this bulk was a suitcase.

What Could Be Inside?

Someone was doing what they could to keep the suitcase hidden and they were not quite sure why. He patiently waited for his wife and started examining the suitcase. What he could not get off his mind was the weight of the suitcase, it was heavier than any other suitcase before.

His mind went to so many places as he began to wonder if there was money inside, cards, or jewelry. While his expectations were rather low, and he expected to find just some plain old sports cards, this was very far off.

Unwrapping The Mystery

The couple opened the suitcase hand in hand and they noticed that everything seemed to be as usual. They retrieved piles of wax paper wrapped objects, but they were still unclear with what was inside.

Unwrapping The Mystery

As soon as they started unraveling the wax paper they understood what these wads were. The couple held it up together and examined it closer.

Speechless Over The Money

He began by taking off the wax paper and then he suddenly noticed that he was looking at money. There was a huge stack of $20 bills and this was just one of the stacks.

So Much Cash

They starting looking through the bills and understood that they were old. They were in shock at how much money they were looking at, and who had put it there in the first place. In total they found $23,000. They kept the money and moved to a nicer home.

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6 thoughts on “Man moves out of home after secret room contains this.

  1. It’s unreal that you only put a part of the story in so I waste my time reading only to be let down because I can’t read the rest of the story. Thank you very much for leaving everyone in the dark

  2. How come we hear part of the story and nothing more. How did it resolve itself? Need more information.

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