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Man Pulls Gun On DoorDasher After Almost Being Hit By His Car

Mesa, AZ – Dimitri Mills, Arizona DoorDasher, is lucky to be alive after having a run in with a deranged man. Mills claims he pulled up to an apartment complex to make his delivery, and a man confronted him with a gun in his hand.

“When I exited my vehicle, he had his gun drawn to me. I knocked on the customer’s door and let her know that her order was outside and that we need help because a guy had pulled a gun out on me”

~Dimitri Mills

The deranged man’s name is Valentino Tejada, and according to the police report, many people reported seeing him holding the handgun and telling the victim (Mills) to stop stalking him. Tejada told the police he was almost hit by Mill’s vehicle in the parking lot and that’s what prompted him to “watch” Mills (with a gun in his hand). There were no witnesses there to corroborate his story.

I’m just thankful this situation ended without any injuries or fatalities. This sounds so familiar to something I remember George Zimmerman saying. This could have really been bad.

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