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Man Punches His Own Attorney In Face After Being Sentenced!

Aaron Brockler (Defense Attorney) right before he was punched in the face by his client, David Chislton for lengthy prison sentence.

When you do the crime… you should always be prepared to the do the time in the event you get caught. I mean, nobody wants to serve a lengthy prison sentence, but when going up in front of that judge you just have to pray for the best but expect the worst!

Well… that wasn’t the case for this Warrensville Heights man in court yesterday 2/19/2019. 42 year old David Chislton was sentenced to 45 years in prison for having an hour long stand-off with the police, pistol whipping his girlfriend & also setting his apartment complex on fire back in 2017.

When the judge handed down the 45 year sentence, David turned to his attorney (Aaron Brockler) and punched him in the face with both fist (as they were hand-cuffed together). He was taken out of the courtroom in a stretcher. but seemed to be in “good spirits” as he joked about being punched in the face. He said it was “fun”.

Bockler didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries, but he has a few scratches and may have a concussion. Additional charges will be filed against Brockler… I just hope his next attorney does right by him. Take a look at the action in the courtroom.

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