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Man Shot & Killed By Baby’s Mother

Father, Montrell Marks, killed by his child’s mother in front of his child.

This is a sad story out of the state of Wisconsin. I actually saw this story on Face Book on the “most requested advocate in Wisconsin” page, Tory Lowe. This is truly a sad story! Another story of black on black violence and the alleged victim is out on a $1000.00 bond. The story is copy/pasted below.

Dear Tory Lowe

Everyone one said I should contact you about my son Montrell Marks. My son Montrell woke up Friday Morning Feb. 16, 2019 and was so excited to go pick up son son as he called him (Latrell) So we picked up his 4 year old sister from school then went on 48th and Clarke to get Latrell. My son Montrell called Shasta mom as we pulled up on her cell and told her we was outside. He went in and I yelled out the window, “boy don’t be in there long” he said “ok mom I’ll be right out” but he never came out. Minutes later her mom came to the door yelling, “they up in here arguing”. I was getting out the car to see what was going on, and to go get my son. I then heard a shot. Her mama yelled “o lord you shot Montrell”. I ran in saw my son laying on his back with blood pouring out his head. His baby was above his head on the bed crying. I ran out the house and call 911. He died the next day from a gun shot to the face.

I know my son didn’t have no intention on seeing her on the way there. He was only talking to her mama. He thought she was at the store. That’s same phone she said was working when she tried to call for help. She took my son’s life with no remorse whatsoever. His son was the first person he wanted to see Friday morning, and that was the last person he saw. My son was a funny dude. Everyone he crossed loved him in some shape or form. All he wanted to be was a good daddy. Its containers of new clothes he just bought his son. All of the clothes matched his !!!! He even bought his self a baby bag, what dude does that??. He was so proud to be a dad.

My sons killer is out on only a $1000 bail. This is unfair. If he would have shot her he would be under the jail I don’t know what to do at this point I’m so angry and pissed. I want justice for my son.

Sabrina Davis

Ear Kandy Radio would like to extend our deepest condolences to the mother of this young man, his now fatherless child and the rest of his family & friends. The black community is always screaming “equality” and “racism” BUT we are honestly our own biggest enemies. Its too much black on black violence… and if you guys haven’t noticed, it’s almost like “they” are just waiting until we kill each other off. Now harsh jail sentences when it’s black on black crime. We need to take a look in the mirror and start fixing our community first at home.

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