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Man Throws 5-Yr Old Off Balcony At Mall Because Woman Rejected Him

Minneapolis, MN – 24 year old man (Emmanuel Aranda) has been charged with attempted premeditated, first degree murder.

On April 12, 2019, Emmanuel Aranda told the police that he came to the Mall of America, with the intentions of finding somebody to kill. He said he had been coming to the mall for years, and tried to talk to women in the mall but he was always rejected. He claims the constant rejections caused him to lash out and become aggressive. Initially he planned on killing an adult, before he threw the 5-year old over a 40 ft high balcony. The child is currently fighting for his life, with head trauma and multiple broken bones.

The boy’s mother told the police that Aranda came up close to her and the group of people she was with. She asked him if they were in his way or if they should move and he responded by picking the young child up and throwing him over the balcony. Officers finally caught up with him while he was waiting on a train to leave the mall. He admitted to throwing the boy off the balcony.

The family is asking for privacy. Ear Kandy Radio sends our prayers up for the family.

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