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Mandatory COVID-19 vaccine enforced by Dept. of Defense coming soon w/ RFID chips

Is the Covid-19 vaccine the same as the Mark of the Beast chip? We have been told so much about the coronavirus and how to wash our hands and wear mask……etc., but we haven’t been told the vaccine includes a RFID chip and may be mandatory this Fall. Is this the government’s way of beginning the NWO? What is your opinion?

You may see a difference once the coronavirus vaccine is available. A RFID chip may be included with the vaccine.

The US government has contracted with Apiject Systems of America to make 100 million pre filled syringes. These Eyedrop facilities will be upgraded to handle vaccines. The facilities will make the container for the vaccine, add a needle hub to them and we have a pre filled syringe. Each syringe has a space for the RFID chip containing a unique serial number. The chip will track the vaccine. Its simply a barcode to help track the vaccine. This will help notify doctors in areas of an coronavirus outbreak. It will allow more speed and efficiency as far as tracking who has the vaccine and who does not.

Some are worried that we don’t have enough medical supplies for this vaccine, which is why it will take some time before its released. Is this a standard vaccine or is it more to this story? Do you think the pandemic is preparation for implementing the chip? Let me know your thoughts.

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