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Mark of the beast?Thousands of Swedes have already become microchipped. Is the U.S. next?

The biochip facilitates financial transactions and other functions, but it has scary ethical implications. HELSINGBORG, Sweden, July 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Thousands of people in Sweden are consenting to having microchips placed under their skin to aid them in financial transactions, traveling on the train, and opening locks on doors. 

“For many years, the privacy community has feared this moment when the implantable chip would become small enough to be injected into the hand,” Black said by phone. 

“This means that human behavior can be trackable and controllable by the injector, and if that injector is a government or a corporation under the control of government, we are turning a corner where government will be able to wipe out a whole class of people based on their origin or opposition to policy,” he continued. 

Black mentioned China, whom he called “a pioneer of the eugenics of our time,” and its social credit system, which already controls the behavior and movements of its citizens.

“If this technology becomes widely adopted, especially in totalitarian regimes like China, we could see the dreaded transition to an unknown region of human existence,” the author said. 

STAY WOKE! PAY ATTENTION!>>A few US states have offered/researched the chip. According to a report from Fox 17, a Wisconsin company will become the first U.S. company to provide employees implantable microchips. Alabama and Arkansas have also offered the RFID-Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

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