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Mass shootings within 24 hours! Prayers going out to ALL families

Prayers going up to all families who have lost a love one in the last 24 hours. Within the last 24 hours multiple people have lost their lives. Above is a picture of Patrick Crusius who entered Walmart and murder 19 innocent people. The picture above is not EKR photo but it does have truth to it.

He went to Texas with the intonations to kill innocent people. This is a problem. The hate for another race is so strong in America. How can white men can continue to get away with murder. Be arrested unharmed after killing innocent people.

Going to Dayton,Oh Nine people were fatally shot and 27 injured. Authorities have identified the gunman. The gunman was shot by officers, but have yet to share details. Once more information on the shooting is released I’ll update the article.

As of 10 a.m., 15 of those treated by local hospitals have been discharged.City grieves less than a day after a mass shooting in El Paso that killed 20 people. Both incidents happen within this grim week of mass shootings across the nation.

Prayers going out to all families involved. Nobody deserves to lose their life for whatever reason! As always I’ll keep everyone updated with information on this horrible tragedy. Again prayers for the families and may the name of each lost life never be forgotten.

Conner Betts Identify as the shooter who killed 9 innocent people one of them whom was his sister. Prayers going out to all families involved.

Social media is in an uproar demanding answers! Celebrities Are even speaking out from Cardi B to Rihanna. We all want the madness to stop and with the person we have in power these are getting out of control. A wise person once said we must be the change in our self in which we want in our community & country. Prayers going up and I’ll keep everyone updated.

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