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Massage Joints Busted For Suspected Prostitution

Northeast Ohio – Search warrants were issued and executed for over 15 massage parlors in the Northeast Ohio area, all accused of commercial sex crimes. The investigation started back in 2017 when federal agents were alerted about alleged illegal activity going on in several massage parlors.

Additionally, there were seven people who were indicted for promoting prostitution in connected with the bust. They will be arraigned on August 6th & 7th.

3 of the 7 people indicted
  • Jia Yue Dong, 42, of Brunswick
  • Cui Rong Chen, 44, of Brunswick
  • Fei Wang, 41, of Brunswick
  • Yan Wang, 41, of Brunswick
  • Chengqiang Yu, 48, of North Royalton
  • Robert Swartz, 50, of Copley
  • Yulian Fu, 50, of North Royalton

Here are a list of the locations who were indicted on the sex crime charges:

  • JC Relaxing, Inc., also known as Relax Massage, 3321 Center Road, Brunswick
  • Hua Nan Massage (formerly SJ Relax, Inc.), 4004 Milan Road, Unit A, Perkins Township
  • Robust Asian Massage, LLC, 16360 Pearl Road, Strongsville
  • SC Relax, Inc., 14403 Pearl Road, Strongsville
  • Sunny H. Reflex, Inc., 7914 Broadview Road, Broadview Heights
  • Relax, Inc., 1211 West Main Street, Kent
  • Lucky Jade, LLC., 2747 Medina Road, Medina
  • Ming Relax, Inc., 4000 Oberlin Avenue, Unit 2, Lorain
  • Bamboo Relaxing Massage, Inc., 2522 Cleveland Road, Unit A; Wooster
  • W&D Relax, Inc.,1523 Lexington Avenue, Unit A, Mansfield
  • Sun GR Reflect, Inc., 17456 Lorain Avenue, Unit A, Cleveland
  • Sun GR Reflect, Inc., 26761 Royalton Road, Columbia Station
  • Posh Massage, Inc., 37300 Detroit Road, Avon
  • 1299 Old Eagle Drive #M5, Brunswick
  • 1287 Old Eagle Drive # 109, Brunswick
  • 411 Plymouth Court, Brunswick.

The busts were apart of a collaborative investigation between the Ohio Investigative Unit, the U.S. Secret Service, and numerous local law enforcement agencies. They are cracking down on all crimes of sex to hopefully prevent sex trafficking, as Ohio is one of the largest reports for sex trafficking.

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