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Massillon Student Shoots Self!!!!

MASSILLON, Ohio — Police in Massillon say a 7th grader apparently brought a gun to school and shot himself inside a bathroom.

Investigators say no other students have been hurt and they don’t know yet whether the shooting Tuesday morning was intentional.

A school official says the student is being treated at a hospital. His condition wasn’t immediately known.

Parents rushed to Jackson Middle School, near Massillon, to pick up their children after the school sent out a notice about the shooting.

Authorities and school officials say they don’t whether the student was alone at the time of the shooting and haven’t released any other details about what happened.

We will have more on this story later.


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2 thoughts on “Massillon Student Shoots Self!!!!

  1. So sad. I hope the child pulls thru. Gun owners want to complain about possibly losing your rights to own, well allowing a 7th grader access to a fire arm is why. BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR GUNS.

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