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Master P and the Genie Discuss Trillionair Clothing Brand By Akron’s Own T. Vickz & Mrs. Dean

Rapper, actor and business mogul, Percy Miller (Master P) has a new review show called “Master P Reviews” where him and his Genie review products by small businesses and help them understand their potential in corporate America. The show is pretty comparable to a “hood” Shark Tank.

Recently, the Trillionair clothing brand, by T. Vickz and Mrs. Dean of Akron, OH was reviewed on the show, where they received an overall rating of 9/10 from Master P and the Genie.

Master P said he loves what the brand represents and he can appreciate the married couple (T. Vickz and Mrs. Dean, both music artists) who came from the bottom, invested in themselves and are working towards a common goal to get their family to the next level.

The Trillionair name was chosen to teach people to reach for the stars and to know and wear their worth.

The Trillionair brand has both men and women’s clothing, shoes and much more on the way!

Congratulations to the Trillionair clothing brand for pushing through and getting national exposure from the Master P Review show. Be sure to follow @officialtrillionair on Instagram.

To get your products on the show,

Send your product to:
#286 Los Angeles, CA 90064

It could be Clothing, Food, Products, Inventions, Toys, Sporting Goods, Movies, Music, Jewelry and etc. Also if its Automobiles, Planes, Boats, Restaurants, Services and Development Properties, and if selected they will come to you.

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