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Meek Crush Monday

It’s no secret that I have a crush on Meek mills. Been a fan since he had them nappy braids… lol welp until I met him and marry him Monday’s are made for Meek! So update his album Dream chaser is 7 years old! And still one of the best albums. My favorite song is Dreams and nightmares. To me the song is something every one can relate too!

From working on your dreams and goals! Keeping your head up through your trails and tribulations life throws at you. Most of all having faith in God that every thing will work out! Remember your blessed and highly favored!

Meek mills is still friends with the people he struggled with! Why… because he as real one! Period! Lol he’s on tour so he’s be on the Jet lately going from city to city! There’s even rumors he’ll be working on a album soon.

Drip ?
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