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Meek Mill Granted Appeal #FreeMeekMill

Meek Mill has been receiving support from all directions as he fights his current two-to-four year sentencing for violating his probation.  The rapper even got a shoutout from an unexpected source at the 2018 Winter Olympics, proving that the #FreeMeekMill movement knows no bounds. Meek and his lawyers have been seeking ways to get the rapper out of jail in a timely manner, and they may have found a loophole as he was arrested by alleged “dirty cop” Reginald Graham back in 2007.  The aforementioned policeman reportedly was untruthful in his testimony against Meek Mill and Meek’s lawyers have officially filed a document to vacate his conviction and sentencing, based on these claims.

Meek’s legal team has filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition on the basis that Graham was lying during his testimony. A member of the same police team as Graham, Jerold Gibson, claims that he was present during the 2007 arrest and that Graham is not being factual about Meek pointing a gun at anybody. If the charges are not dismissed, Meek’s team is looking for a new trial as they do not believe that Graham’s testimony is credible.

As he was jailed partly on the word of Graham, who is now being questioned on whether his opinion is relevant or not, Meek may be freed soon, which is good news for the rap game and the Philly native. We just hope that this gets resolved in a timely manner and that things are justly concluded for Meek’s sake.

It looks like sometime last week Meek Mill’s lawyers filed the paperwork for a Post-Conviction Relief Act following the recent news of corruption in the rapper’s case.  Today, those files have been taken into consideration and Meek has been granted an appeal hearing in April.  The appeal is based on the news that the sole witness, police officer Reginald Graham, is on a secret list of “corrupt cops” that have committed perjury by lying on the witness stand or who have been improper in their arrests.  The Philly native is currently serving time for violating his probation but, according to Meek’s lawyers, Graham is lying about several elements surrounding the arrest.

For one, Meek allegedly did not point his gun at the arresting officer or at anyone else during the arrest, and he did not have any drugs on him at the time.  These are both aspects that Graham has been untruthful about, a situation which news spoke about directly with Meek’s lawyer Joe Tacopina.  The Philadelphia rapper’s legal team has been incredibly hard at work, looking for any angle they can swing to get their client out of prison.

The Post-Conviction Relief Appeal will be held in April … but in the meantime, he will have to tough it out just a little bit longer.  Ear Kandy Radio will be following the story, and be sure to keep you guys updated.

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