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Meek Mill is REAL PETTY

I swear, every time I have to  do a blog & Meek Mill name is mentioned… it is for him acting like a little B#$%H!!!  Excuse my french, but can we all anonymously tell this clown that we are sick of his shenanigans?!?!  Look at what he posted about Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim…. which I am not debating the fact he is stating Lil Kim really runs New York.  But Meek, come on now… that was a real bitch move.  You were just all up Nicki’s a$$. beefing with people over her and everything (let’s not forget #TwitterFingers).


Now regarding what he said…  Who do you think is better?  Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj… can we blog about this??  And while we are blogging about it, take a look at this video somebody sent me from YouTube.


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