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Melania Trump – Such a Freaking Lady on Howard Stern

This is an old video, but I just came across it.  As if we needed another reason to not Donald Trump… well let’s say to have even less respect for him than we already have.  Here’s your reason.  LOL.  It just really kills me how they have so much negativity to say about Barack & Michelle Obama, but you would have NEVER heard anything like this about our prior 1st lady!

But in Melania’s defense…  she was not ready for this life!  She really thought she found a cool little sugar daddy and next thing you know, she made it to the highest title a woman in the United States can hold, the first lady!  Wow…  she is probably just as mad as we are about the whole situation.  Especially seeing how her husband keeps talking about building this wall like she isn’t foreign herself.  I can just imagine Melania Trump is living in a world so depressed.

But check this video out.  Donald Trump called in to the Howard Stern show and Stern was just being himself (like always… & I love Howard Stern by the way).  He asked about Melania & Trump puts her on the phone and she begins to talk about how she has on barely any clothes.  What a little horror (whore) LOL…. well, just playing but check the video out and let’s talk about it.

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