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Men and Molestation

Trigger warning!! This is a topic that will have the strongest man tossing in his seat. This is a topic no one and I mean no one wants to talk about. The most uncomfortable topic that needs to be discussed. You hardly even hear about it. The only time you hear about rape and a man in the same sentence is if the discussion is on prison. Lately I have been a little fixated on Healing childhood trauma. I mean lets be honest most issues steams from childhood. We can cut the dead leaves off the tree all day long but if we don’t get to the root of the problem the tree will never grow. I mention child hood trauma because a lot of molestation starts as a child.

What made me talk about this topic is the bold men who have come out and talked about their traumatic experience. From R.Kelly, Common, Terry Crews and most recently rapper Da Baby talks about being touched inappropriately as a child. Women are more prone to talk such a sensitive topic. Men see this as a difficult subject as it has the ability to question his manhood. For the men who are bold enough to talk about it much respect because this topic is so drastic and necessary to heal from. On top of the fact that men don’t receive the necessary treatment to heal, someone who will listen and believe their story. Stats have shown men are sexually assaulted at a much higher rate then expected. This is not including the sexual assault that happens behind the prison walls as the raises the percent significantly. Da Baby visited Angela Ye on Lip Service and slightly talked about sexual activities with an older woman at the age of 5. Common just published a book called “Let Love Have the Last Word”. In his book he talks about being molested as a child. Take a look at the article Common talks openly about his childhood trauma below. Comment your thoughts.


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