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Men Cheerleaders in the NFL – 1st Time Ever

When you think of football… most people think of it as an American tradition or pass time.  Well … your favorite pass time is about to change, as the NFL is taking a huge step towards gender equality.

It looks like the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints will be the first NFL teams to have men cheerleaders on their teams.  Now there has been some men helping with the stunts in the NFL, but there has never been a man who was actually dancing and doing all the dance moves the women do.  Next season the men will be allowed to practice the exact same choreography as the women.

Meet the three new men NFL cheerleaders .

Quinton Peron & Napoleon Jinnies of the Los Angeles RAMS

Jesse Hernandez of the New Orleans Saints

With all the drama going on in the football world with the National Anthem and if there should or shouldn’t be consequences for taking a knee during it, I’m wondering how all the “higher ups” feel about this.  You know… mainly like how Donald Trump feels about it.  & the fans as well…  I would like to hear how the fans feel about this move.  Will it change your view on football?  Will you still see football as the “manly” sport it is or does this make it kind out soft and sweet?



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