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Mercedes From P Valley Shouts Out Akron Actor Maria Jade

As previously reported, Akron actor Maria Jade, played the stunt double for leading role, Mercedes, in P Valley (aired on STARZ).

>>>> Maria Jade is Mercedes stunt double <<<<

The beautiful Brandee Evans (pictured above), who plays Mercedes in the hit TV Show had to give credit where credit was due. She explained how she was not the one dancing in the opening/intro of the theme song, and how it was actually her stunt double, Maria Jade.

Although Maria Jade plays her stunt double for certain scenes… Brandee can definitely hold her own and performs her own stunts as well. Maria Jade was utilized in episode 3 of the hit series.

Respect to Brandee for actually giving credit, because a lot of times… actors will not do that. Congratulations to both the queens, they played an amazing role in this show!

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