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Merriman Valley Bar Owner Spits Racial Slurs At A Crime Scene

James D. House, the owner of four bars located in Merriman Valley (Akron, OH) has been accused of spitting racial slurs at a crime scene.  The incident occurred outside of the of the bar called Mickey’s.  It was reported that there was a shooting inside the bar.  A 30 year old man was shot once in his stomach and was rushed to Akron General Hospital.  While officers were conducting the investigation and interviewing other patrons, the police say House walked to a nearby parking lot and started yelling racial comments.

“If they’re black, they’re guilty” and “They’re all the same” – James D. House

The information got around to Attorney Eddie Sipplen, who posted it to his Facebook page with a caption “I would suggest you find somewhere else to frequent”, and to be honest, I couldn’t agree with him more!  Anytime I go down to the valley with my husband (a black man), we always have an issue.  They have always seemed to put “rules and regulations” in place that only extend to black people.  One time we went down there and they told my husband he could not even come in the bar because he did not have a driver’s license (although he did have a state ID).  No sooner than they turned us away, they let a white guy in who had no ID at all.  We even spoke up about it, and they threatened to have us removed by the police.  We have also been turned away for the type of clothing somebody we were with was wearing (t-shirts, sweat pants, basketball hats). 

My thing is why do we continue to patronize people who clearly do not want us in their organization?  We continually patronize people who don’t want us around, but when one of our own opens up some kind of club or bar, we tear it down.  Why do we insist on being self-sabotaging to ourselves?

But back to the story, James D. House was arrested because he would not stop shouting racial slurs.  He was charged with resisting arrest, misconduct at an emergency, disorderly conduct & disorderly conduct/intoxication, which are all misdemeanor charges.  House was able to post the $1000 bond and get released.  & it looks like this wasn’t his 1st run-in with law enforcement.  Check out the article on Ohio.com here for the full details on the story Click here for full story

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