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MetGala Slay 2k19

This year 2019 MetGala was a whole slay. Performances started on the red carpet literally! Every one slayed! Well almost everyone. At an event where you’re suppose to stand out the stars didn’t hold back!

Of course one of our favorite mommiona killed the show! Cardi B was the red carpet. Wearing a beautiful elegant & breath taking gown. She was her own red carpet!

Slay Cardi
Queen shit
Pink print

Nicki Minaj Came through looking like a fucking Barbie! Her long dramatic train was attached to a beautiful pink and sliver dress. Showing just enough skin the Queen sported a sleek pink ponytail as well.

Life size Barbie

Now everyone’s dresses looked amazing! All different style and design. Check on the hash tag #metgala to see exclusive videos of celebrities literally performing as there gliding in the front doors. They even have a sneak peak of the actual show!

Another artist that has me in an awe would be the legendary Lady Gaga! She’s known for being outrageous when it comes to outfits! She stole they show for me! Yes I still love my Cardi & my Nicki Barbie! But Gaga did 3 outfit changes and ended up in her under wear by time she made it to the door! (Pics below)

Lashes to a new level
Dress 1
Dress 2
Dress 3 kisses to the bitchs who hate me
Bitch please

As you can see Lady Gaga is the Queen of unexpected! I surly didn’t expect this!

Many celebrities came out tonight! Some went over the top! Some kept it simple. One that surprises me was my bae Rihanna she usually would have killed this event but sadly I wasn’t impressed. That’s still my girl but we need to talk to her stylist!

Ri Ri

The Kardashian/Jenner Klan came and took over the show! Wearing bright colorful dress that highlights their skin tone! Ever momma Kris was out looking young and beautiful might I add! She could pass as their sister!

The family
The Jenner’s

The lady’s are not the only one who came to slay literally! Check out all the outrageous outfits and the people who looked a hot ass messy! I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Thanks for clicking the link

He came to slay
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