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Mimi & Nikko leak their “SEX TAPE”

So, what do you think about the video below….  How much money would it take for you to make a sex tape with your boyfriend/girlfriend???  

Well Mimi Faust (from VH1’sLove and Hip Hop) & her boyfriend Nikko Smith made a “sex tape”.  But a 45 second trailer of the sex tape was somehow leaked.  When you view the trailer… it really look like this was a professionally taped porno!  They have the different scenes & they are looking into the camera.

Do you guys think this is an all time low for Mimi???  Did she sell herself short for a couple extra dollars (no reports as to how much or even if they got paid)???  I mean people make sex tapes everyday B!!!  &&& for the free free!!!  Blog with me & let me know how you feel about Mimi after watching this…  (OH, AND WEREN’T THERE REPORTS OF NIKKO BEING GAY?????)


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