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Missing Teen From Akron, OH- Joey Ann Hite – Please Share

We need the entire community, city, surrounding areas & anybody in the United States to share this article.  Joey Ann Hite is missing from Akron, OH.  Her parents discovered she wasn’t in her room Tuesday morning (8/14/18) around 3:00 am.  The last time they saw her was around 9:00 pm the night before heading to bed.  She seemed to be excited starting school and had all her clothes ready, so they thought everything was on the up & up.

They are EXTREMELY worried and concerned because she was actually on punishment & was being kept away from a guy she has previously ran away with & she was gone for SIX MONTHS before they finally found her in a stolen vehicle, drugged up and with some older guys she had no problems being with (ALL THE WAY IN INDIANA).  Joey Ann Hite is only 15 years old and she is from the Firestone Park area.  I’m sure you can understand why her parents & family are so concerned & why they need all the help they can get in sharing this post.

Joey suffers from behavioral health issues, but she was really doing good and this has definitely taken her parent by surprise.  If anybody sees her, please call the police 330-375-2530 and ask or leave a message for Detective Horton.  You can also message her brother on Face Book “Lul David” click here for his page or call 3302857638.  #Find JoJo


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