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Mo Money & Mickie Baby – New Video Hatin

S/O to our new sponsor #MoMoney and #MickiBaby …  They just debuted their song on EARKANDYRADIO & dropped their new visual for the song “Hatin” yesterday 5/10/18.  The response on  from our listeners was amazing!  Everybody loved the song & I couldn’t agree with them now.  But the video made the song even hotter.  The video was shot in Miami by Ced Lynch & the scenes are super dope.

As I told you guys…  They came on the show #AllThingsMater and did a short interview with us.  Mo Money and Mickie Baby were super humble and participated with us for the topics as well.  Ironically, we talked about “hatin” in person and on social media.  But check the video out and let us know what you guys think!

To follow them on social media @MoMoneyAkron @AyoMickieB  & also download the music to your cell phone if you like it…

iTunes: Download Mo Money on iTunes
Spotify: Download Mo Money on Spotify

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