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Mom Beats Her Son’s A** In Front Of His Teacher After Being Called To School

Now this is some straight old school parenting! Mother was called to the school because her son was acting out. When she arrived, she saw the teacher and apologized for her son’s behavior and let her know she was going to whoop her son (or should I say beat his ass), and to wait right where she was. The teacher didn’t seem to have any objections to what she said she was about to do, and waited for the mother to go get her son.

The mother proceeds to go into the lunchroom to find her son, grabs him up by the collar, and drags him outside to where she told the teacher to wait for them. She went off on him for disrespecting the teacher, and then she proceeded to whoop his ass, just like she said she was going to do.

The mother has been catching a lot of criticism online because people are saying she took it too far, and she embarrassed her son. Now back in the day, this type of stuff happened ALL THE TIME (not to me of course, I was a good kid in school). I personally say at least 10 kids in my day get their ass beat by their mothers/fathers when they acted out in school. I guess it’s just more of a risk now with social media. Her language was pretty vulgar while talking to her son, but I honestly think she whooped him to prevent him from getting whooped by society (the police) when he gets older.

Take a look at the video below and tell me what you guys think.

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47 thoughts on “Mom Beats Her Son’s A** In Front Of His Teacher After Being Called To School

  1. Need more like her then it wouldn’t be so much killing and disrespectful kids today so all y’all who have a problem with it that’s your fault

    1. Nope it the parents fault children reflect off their parents period. Did you see his mom? She is sane that’s why he acting a fool in school cuz his own mom can’t get it together.

  2. Embarrassing, and I feel horrified for that child! He is a product of his environment…and from the sound of ‘Mama’ It’s not a good one!

    1. I agree she was doing it for the camera I believe in a wooping but that was child abuse and she needs to be punished

    2. Exactly and all these other parents talking bout some “no she’s right she’s trying to tech him to grow up well” no CHILDREN RELFECT OFF THEIR PARENTS she acted sane that’s why he acting a fool is school and you could see it in her face. Children aren’t just born and know what’s to do you have to teach them but obviously is a way that doesn’t hurt their physical selves and mental health I grew up in a black home so don’t this I’m just some uncultured swine.

  3. Really that was a old school ass whooping bet he won’t act up again he learned today I tell u that

  4. The color of your skin in this country dictates how the police treat will you. It’s sad but true. This woman is trying to teach her son to be respectful, because his life may one day depend on it. However look at his clothing, his hair and his shoes. He is well dress, and well taken care of. She loves her son that is evident to me because she letting him know that this type of conduct is not tolerate in society, especially for a black male. She wants her son to get an education and not be the class clown. This woman is raising a black man in America, pray for her, pray that she able to raise a future leader in this country. Charles Brackley said his mother and grandmother didn’t play and look at him now. Successful!

  5. First if we are only getting this part of the story. She may have been called to the school on multiple occasions and this was the last draw. So that the Police won’t have to do it she did it that. I bet she won’t have to come up to the school again. Besides she could have been at work and had to leave work to get her child under control and now could be at risk of losing her job going back to this was not the first time she was called up to the school so mind ya business and if you don’t have kids you do t have anything to say because you don’t know how it is.

  6. That’s what you call a good ole fashion ass whopping. This is how it was done on the 80’s for sure. Its better than society beating him one day. Besides I’ve seen a lot worst. Its her child so oh well, my opinion means nothing..

  7. It doesn’t matter how you raise your child. Whoopings or not. Just know that as a parent you won’t be the only influence in your child’s life. You do what you have to do as a parent and teach them the right way be it by talking or whooping and pray that they make the right choices in life as adults. And what’s up with some black folks and this slave mentality crap. Black folks have been whoopin they kids for generations. Do they not know that the slave master has a new face. He’s reason why we aren’t allowed to discipline our children the way we see fit in and out of our homes. The reality of it is is that she has the right to discipline her child the way she’s see fit. So what if you take it personal, so what if you don’t like it. It’s not your call and it’s not your child. If you want to say something or do something become a advocate for abused children. Put your money where your mouth is. Stay up and be blessed!

  8. Need more moms like her.. Discipline your child now and you won’t see them locked up in the Future

  9. However I’m not jumping on no bandwagon. He showed off at school he get whipped at school. I’d rather whip my black son with a belt in public before a police officer discipline him with a bullet in public.

  10. I’m so embarrassed!! Makes me want to cry, why would u do that and curse at him and call him names. Ever thought he’s acting up because you don’t know how to act.

  11. Thank God I never got a public beating like that (had I been out of line in school, I probably would have though).

    I did get beat unnecessarily by my mother on more than one occasion and the trauma from them has resurfaced 20+ years later. In my opinion, they both need help. She’s beating him like a slave owner and I’m afraid for how he is treated at home. I have four kids. I love them too much to damage them like this. When we know better, we should do better. I know this is how mama-n-dem and gramma-n-dem did it, but it isn’t sustainable. It does more damage than good.

  12. She crossed the line. All the cursing and yelling like that in the child face was uncalled for and not to mention the way she was hitting him that is pure child abuse.

  13. Maybe alot of yall should do the same and yall kid’s wouldn’t be around here shooting up school disrespecting the teacher’s and getting in trouble with the lay I just had this same problem with my daughter walking out the class room talking back u know what I did I whoop that ass and I can bet u she want do it again

  14. Maybe with a little less cussing she did the right thing I bet he will think twice before disrespecting his teacher again like she said the teacher don’t have to teach them she chooses to and that’s why it’s hard to find teachers now cause parents never stick to a punishment


  16. The teacher is a mandated reporter. This is child abuse. This behavior teaches a child to fear his parent and teacher and to resort to violence to communicate
    Yes, the mom’s behavior was justified to save her child historically. Today it may explain why her beloved child is the perpetrator and or the victim of violence.

  17. I feel that was not embarrassing i am a school administrator and have been for 8 years now we don’t know what all this child has done to bring the mother to this point. Children today are rude and disrespectful and that’s because they can hide behind the law. I used to get worst beatings then this and guess what my mom had to come to the school only one time for me to understand that she wasn’t going to tolerate the foolishness and i better get it together i wish more parents would come to the school and discipline their child instead of ignoring the phone calls from the teachers. Today’s youth is lost in social media it’s up to the parents to take a stand and get there kids in order ijs

  18. This is a CULTURAL problem. Many many times I have seen in black families this is their form of discipline. Doesnt mean it’s right. And its one of the top reasons the black community has so much anger and hostility built up. If THIS is what they lived with and was their example then turned loose into a society that isnt this way absolutely they will appear more violent…. it goes back….way way back.

  19. I really don’t see what the problem is!! He showed his ass at school so, she beat his ass at school..

  20. I wouldn’t have disciplined him like that and cursed him the way she did in front of everyone. That can scar a child mentally! My mom used to do the same. I have my own teenage boys and I’ve never spoken to them that way or ever called them names raps name that I wouldn’t someone else to call them. I can actually count on one hand how many times I’ve whipped my children. And they are still very respectful and well behaved.

  21. I have 5 kids and only 1 boy but the report i get from my kids teacher is my kids is different they are good at school but terrible at home i can scream yelll whopp them with a belt and they are still terrible but then they home with they dad and they dad say anything they listen so saying that she did what she needed to do at the end she probably was fed up thats not abuse she just gave him a good whooping only thing she need to work on not calling him a nigga

  22. I feel like she went overboard it’s not what you do it’s how you do it. It’s better ways to handle certain situations and all the name calling was definitely unnecessary.

  23. I Vikki pray 20 years from now that ass keeps him from breaking into your house. We need to pray the next time she can will ask God to lead and protect her as she go about His Will. God’s Word is if you spare the rod you spoil the child. Women get a grip read God’s word so your life will please God. In Jesus name lets pray for this mother and all mother to seek God’s Way daily. Children are not in class to play or disrupt it but seek knowledge. I love you, but remember God’s Word is first. My first and last response. I pray God’s blessings upon each of you

  24. I commented on this then I saw video.Ummm no! the term nigga,break your face is a little much! It’s a way to can put fear in your child concerning his behavior but sometimes are not appropriate!

  25. She had a the right plan but she didnt have to video it . It’s like she put on for the camera. See people gonna learn u cant put nothing on Facebook like that .I knew she was going to jail and kids get taken from her and she has 5 but only 4 stayed with her .

  26. Soooooo reading these posts and watching this video I have some concerns….so that little ass whooping he got was nothing been there done that, getting pulled out of school in front of everyone again been there done that, nothing wrong there. Being called from work because your child is disrespecting you and the teacher ass whooping well deserved. Now when the police do it umph that ok and if you can’t see the problem then we have more issues than this video.

  27. A beating is 1 thing but the way she did it wasn’t acceptable. I isn’t okay with my children & I stayed at the school for my son. I breast him right there in the hall way. I don’t play that DUSRESPECTNESS. SLAPPING my son & calling him a NIGGA was a BIGGGG NO. I gotten beaten in school & I didn’t okay with mines. Trekking a child they going to die in the room NOOOOO.

  28. Not good parenting at all this is sick and sad and everyone agreeing with her actions are apart of the problem with today’s society….,this is abuse on all levels and no love in seen here at all only hate….,if she had him on the right path he never would have disrespected the teacher in that way in the first place….. he only repeating what he see….I’m I the only one that see her wearing Jordan’s and the child wear too big pink socks and high water pants…..come on people y’all sick as her….

  29. That was not good parenting or discipline, think about why he was showing off in class, disrespecting the teacher. She was seeking attention by having someone to film it.

  30. I can say one thing about two things for sure jit had manners because his apology was very sincere and formal. I don’t spank my children because I have girls, however they are well behaved when im not around. Get them right now while they are still young

  31. Everyone that’s claiming that’s abuse are idiots, when he grow up and rob you and bash your head in, don’t be asking where were the parents.

  32. I don’t see anything wrong with her whipping him. The only thing I didn’t like was the verbal abuse. Yeah I know she was upset but actually verbal abuse is worst then that ass whipping she gave him

  33. The mom was dead wrong. That kid did not deserve that. That was child abuse and I hope they take all her kids away and lock her up. They need to do something to the teachers who just stood There and watched it happen. If the mom does this in public just imagine What happening beside close doors. I dislike people who hurt their kids. That video brought tears to my eyes My prays go out to the kid. I hope the mom gets her ass beat.

  34. All of you people that have made a comment on this mother’s action. You all have mental illness and you don’t even know it. Why, just think for second! All of your opinions comes from your own past experiences. The system has done more harm to all children and parents, you must take that under consideration without question. Never telling them about the truth of life and happiness. Then they, becomes parents and the end result is what you see in the video. That’s why jails are build for little black boys who become teenagers then men. Birth, life then death, so what does it all mean? Just your opinion that has NO growth in that family situation, because you don’t know THEIR STORY! Without discipline character CANNOT BE BUILT. the jails are waiting.

  35. I always ask parents the same question, “Do you ever speed while driving?” The same answer is always given, “Yes, sometimes.”
    Next question, “Why would you speed if you know it’s wrong?”
    As adults we know right from wrong and we still choose wrong sometimes. We expect kids to ALWAYS choose right. That doesn’t make any sense to me.
    Obviously, this small child chose wrong. Obviously, he needed to be punished. Actions always have consequences. However, this was not punishment. This was both verbal and physical abuse. This child probably acts out BECAUSE of the way his mother treats him.
    Society confuses discipline and punishment every day. Discipline means to guide and to teach. Punishment is a consequence. There are many ways this mother could have disciplined her child but this is not one of them.
    Yes, I was spanked growing up. Yes, with a belt. I’ll tell you what it personal taught me. It taught me to be sneaky with what I did so I didn’t get spanked. It did not teach me to change my behavior.
    I may not have ever called my mama a name to her face, but I sure as hell did it under my breathe, under my pillow, as I was crying myself to sleep. I didn’t have time to think about what I had did wrong, because I was too busy thinking about how my mother must not love me if she could hurt me that way.
    Of course she told me she did BECAUSE she loved me. I believe that. I believe that she thought what she was doing was right because that is how she was raised. Thank God I can remember how it felt. That’s why I choose different forms of punishment. I have pretty damned good kids that respect me and TRUST me. There is a way to parent and have both. I guarantee you that this poor boy doesn’t have either for his mom.

  36. everybody on social media freaked out about this but I didn’t see the big deal. I’m white and was raised by a single mother and got fussed at just like this and was whooped worse than this. I got whipped in front friends, family neighbors whoever.The only time she came to school was junior to find out I failed classes year before and lied. She told me in front of principle that she was good in mind to take me to the bathroom pull my pants down and wear my ass out until I can’t stand up no more and when I got home she blistered my tale good and said I wasn’t never too old.I think it’s a generational thing cause I’m in my mid 30s now and even then most of my white friends didn’t get whippings but it never came to mind to question how I was raised, and turns out my mom was right any way and I’m thankful for each beating because it kept me on track

  37. Imagine the kid’s life behind closed doors if this is life in public. 😭
    Saying N word in his face; acting like an idiot. This is not discipline, it’s trashy and sad.

    1. Masters use to do that in public. They are creating monsters.tgey need to be taught how to handle thing civilized.

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